Annadyne is Jon and Fuchsia. The duo met in late 2000 when Fuchsia bid on and won Jon’s collectible records by The Cure on Ebay. Annadyne began in 2001, and recorded 6 songs by 2004. The duo then parted ways without releasing any of the early material. After a decade-long hiatus, the duo regrouped in 2014 and began recording covers by The Cocteau Twins. In October of 2016, they remastered and released one of their first songs ever recorded, “The Fallen One”. In February 2017, the duo released their first brand new original song called “The Last Time”. Both songs are available on a “name your price” basis with no minimum on the group’s Bandcamp page. Annadyne is currently working on new original material and has plans to release the Cocteau Twins covers in the near future as well. Fuchsia is in the bands “Bella Lune” and “Dreamgaze” and Jon was in the hardcore band “The Juniper Strain”.

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