Cocteau Twins cover released & new press

Our new single “Summerhead” was just released this week on Bandcamp! We have made it available on a name your price basis, with no minimum amount.

The original version of Summerhead is on the Cocteau Twins album Four-Calendar Café, which was released in 1993. It was a pleasure working on this track, considering we are both big fans of the Cocteau Twins. We are currently working on another Cocteau Twins cover, so stay tuned for more!

Cover Art by: Kayleigh Keyes

We have also been receiving continued support from DJs and E-Zines in various parts of the world in the form of air play, club play and news posts. Here are a few places that we wanted to thank specifically for their recent support:

Not Only on 87.7 FM Radio Air Libre in Brussels, Belgium. Not Only is an open-minded radioshow, playing everything from electro-pop to the most brutal metal you’ve ever heard. Each Tuesday from 6 to 8pm (CET) on Radio Air Libre, Brussels (87.7fm).

Hidden Forms Radio on WNUR 89.3 FM in Chicago, USA. Hosted by The Starship. Hidden Forms Radio is Chicago’s longest running Industrial Radio show/ HIDDEN FORMS airs every Saturday, 6:00 – 8:00PM CST on WNUR 89.3FM, and streaming LIVE at Hidden Forms Radio features the latest and best in Electro, Industrial, IDM, Witch House, Synthwave, and everything in-between.

Shimmer – Shoegaze and Dreampop Dance Night in Chicago, USA. Hosted by DJs Scary Lady Sarah & Philly Peroxide. Shimmer is an evening devoted musically to shoegaze, dreampop, psych, drone, ethereal, space rock, nugaze, electrogaze, chillwave & more.

Sanctuary – Dark Music and Gothic culture E-Zine in the Czech Republic. Author, Ash. CZ Sanctuary is the eldest active gothic webzine in the Czech Republic, founded in 2004.


New press, radio and club play

Since the release of “The Last Time”, Annadyne has received club and radio play as well as press coverage. Thank you to those who are helping to spread the word about Annadyne.

Side-Line Music Magazine, based in Belgium, announced the release of the new single. Side-Line is the premiere source for dark alternative music news. They also run the music label Alfa Matrix and release regular compilations featuring goth, industrial, EBM, dark wave and other dark alternative music.

DJ Tristan Iseult of Sour Times, in Phoenix, AZ played the new single recently. Sour Times is a weekly alternative dance night featuring trip hop, dark indie, synth and post punk music. Our Facebook page has a video of the song being played and the lovely patrons dancing.

Gothic Paradise, based in Utah, has Annadyne in their podcast/radio rotation and has been sharing our links on their Facebook page.

Check out our Press page and our Facebook Press folder for the latest press clippings as they come in.

If you don’t already have the new song, head over to our Bandcamp page and download it for free or feel free to pay what you would like. Cheers!

Brand new single: The Last Time

Happy Valentines day! Our brand new song called “The Last Time” is available now on our BANDCAMP page! This is the first original song that we have written, recorded and produced since we reformed! We hope you like it. It is very near and dear to our hearts.

Written, recorded and produced by Jon and Fuchsia in Phoenix, AZ in 2016-2017. Released on 2/14/2017.

Guitar/Bass/Drums/Synth/Production: Jon

Vocals/Lyrics/Production/Mastering: Fuchsia

New Singles 2017

We recently released a single titled “The Fallen One”, which is available now on our BANDCAMP page on a name your price basis. This is one of the first songs that we recorded when we first formed back in the early 2000s! It has been unreleased all this time!

We have a brand new single coming out in early 2017 titled “The Last Time”, which was written and recorded in 2016, and is currently being mixed and mastered. “The Last Time” features angelic vocals and lush guitars, partnered with atmospheric analog synths, over the top of a driving bassline. It will also be available on bandcamp soon. Stay connected on our FACEBOOK page for additional updates!

Update: You can download “The Last Time” on our BANDCAMP page now! We have made it available to everyone on a “name your price” basis. For those who want to download it for free, just click “buy”, then put in “0” when it asks for the amount. Cheers!